Chasing an Andalucia High at Ventanas, New York City

We were chasing the high we got during our week in the Andalucia region of Spain, where we had the best churros, paella, tapas, and the best trip with my sister and her husband. The closest we could get to replicating our time in Spain was to make our own paella, or to find a close enough comparison.

Fortunately we had a Gilt City deal waiting when we got back and although we were skeptical that Ventanas would satisfy our Spanish cravings, we were happy to not be so disappointed.

Sardinas Fresca - Ventanas NYC

Sardinas Fresca – The sardines were fresh and delivered in a big portion.

Crabmeat & shrimp stuffed mushrooms - Ventanas NYC

Crabmeat & shrimp stuffed mushrooms – Ventanas NYC

A                      A waiter’s recommendation of shrimp stuffed mushrooms was tasty, but not that memorable.

Pulpo ala Gallega - Ventanas NYC

Pulpo ala Gallega – Ventanas NYC

The pulpo ala gallega though was the best we’ve had outside Spain, with the octopus cooked perfectly (tender and flavorful) surrounded by the fresh flavors of acid and tomato.

Seafood Salad - Ventanas NYC

Seafood Salad – Ventanas NYC

We also enjoyed the seafood salad which was composed of baby squid, olives and lemon.

Arroz Negro - Ventanas NYC

Arroz Negro – Ventanas NYC

In Malaga, we kept planning to sample the arroz negro but never got the chance. This plate satisfied those cravings with al dente black wild rice, prawns and squid. I put it on my list of things to replicate in my kitchen 🙂

Churros and apple empanadas - Ventanas NYC

Churros and apple empanadas – Ventanas NYC

The waiter did warn us that their house churros would fail miserably compared to what we had in Malaga, but we insisted. It wasn’t completely sad, but definitely nothing close to our beloved Casa Aranda. In the meantime, Ventanas had to be close enough.

Ventanas NYC
100 10th Ave New York, NY 10011
(212) 366-1640

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