El Playa Faro Restaurant, Mijas Costas, Spain

We were going to ignore this restaurant by the highway during a trip to Andalucia last November. It was off-season, and if this place was popular in the summer it definitely did not look appealing in the dark, deserted on a highway roundabout. But I heard a lady take the time to thank our resort’s front desk for the suggestion one evening, so I kept it in mind. One night after driving back from Seville, we decided to give it ago and we were so pleased that we even went back a second time.

El Playa Faro is a quiet restaurant that is not flashy or touristy, but with offerings that were at par (if not better) than a lot of more popular places in Malaga area.

Paella at Playa Faro.

Paella at Playa Faro.

I definitely enjoyed the paella which did not skimp on the seafood, with a couple of langostines and mussels for the taking and saucy al dente rice as base.

Clams and garlic.

Clams and garlic.

We had the lovely clam appetizer which was great to dip our bread in for starters.

Boquerones at Playa Faro Restaurant

Boquerones at Playa Faro Restaurant

We loved the fried boquerones during this trip, but especially the ones from this restaurant.

Fried peppers

Surprisingly, fried peppers were hard to find elsewhere during our trip, so we devoured this dish with gusto.

Seafood soup

Slurp. This soup was a generous portion of brine and shellfish.

We fell in love with Baron De Ley rioja!

When we transferred to a different resort, their front desk referred us to a fine dining place by the water that failed our standards because of the higher prices and less than impressive food. We had to go back to El Playa Faro to redeem ourselves and have a little bit more of the homey, no-frills simplicity we liked about the Andalucia restaurants we sampled during this trip, where everything only needed to be fresh, cooked slightly, and allowed to bring the ocean to our mouths on their own.

A few minutes later...

A few minutes later…

Restaurante El Playa Faro
Cadiz, 29640 Mijas, Spain
+34 952468704

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