Faros, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Only by serendipity did we arrive at Faro, a Greek restaurant in our hood whose facade does not do its interior and food offerings any justice. We ignored it for this reason for many years, nudging each other when we passed by and saying that we ought to try it soon.

It was Christmas Eve and we wanted to be spontaneous (why is that so impossible in New York?), so we thought we’d walk into a Park Slope restaurant and even set our sights on one that recently opened and was impossible to get into. It was closed, of course, and after being rejected at the average but overly snooty Convivium once more, it started to rain. We were in front of Faros so in we went, where they accommodated us and sat us in the best seats right beside the fireplace. It was a perfect evening.

Grilled snapper

The bread was warm (yes!) with an assortment of spreads. The wine was Greek, and that was the only detail we needed. It was delicious. My wife ordered the grilled branzino and it arrived not a second overcooked. The pork chops were a close second to my #1 chops at Prime Meats.

We were happy and our romantic Christmas dinner just materialized as if we were destined for it. Faros was a place that created these moments by not buying into that New York stuffiness that causes a hype that doesnt last. Faros was there for the long haul.

Grilled bronzino

Four Lamb Chops

Feta and balsamic over eggplant and tomato

Greek Meatballs

Faros Restaurant | Estiatorio Faros
84 7th Ave (between Union and Berkeley)
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 623-2767

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