Adobo Fried Rice – Honoring A Dish Twice

If you are an adobo fan then you would know that the leftover sauce is as valuable as the meat. The sauce contains the flavor of the stew as well as the beef, chicken or pork that has cooked in it for hours.

A dinner of adobo usually results in leftovers especially when cooked by a Filipino. We have a reputation of excess which is not limited to making too much food for a meal. There has to be enough for tomorrow or for guests to take home! I have many memories of road trips and waking up early in the morning to stir up a batch of adobo rice from the previous evening’s meal to bring on the road and to spoon feed my sweet driver. đŸ™‚ It seems to keep her eyes on the road.

Anyway, this is another one of those recipes that is hard to quantify. It depends on how concentrated one’s sauce turned out and how much rice needs to be made, so I will just estimate to quantities of these ingredients.

Begin with 2-3 tablespoons of sauce, in this case coagulated from the refrigerator. Try to get any garlic or small meat pieces from the pot and saute in the sauce.

Add the rice and fry on medium to high heat, occasionally pressing down to make some sides crispy from the hot pan. 
Mix well, add additional sauce or salt to taste.

 Here it is served steaming with some Ginisang Itlog (Sauteed Eggs) and sausage.
Recipe for Crispy Pork Belly Adobo here.
Recipe for Beef Short Rib Adobo here.
All about Filipino Adobo here.

Adobo fried rice with leftover pork belly pieces.
Served with grilled eggplant.

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