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DIY Repurpose: Rolled-Up Magazine Boot Shapers

Aren’t you tired of the sad shape your boots take after removing the initial stuffing out of them when you bring them home from the store?
Especially with soft leathers, they tend to just collapse and take on a wrinkled shape, ruining the beauty of the boot and the leather.
Commercially available plastic boot shapers are available for $10 and up, but I like using rolled up magazines because they are free, they recycle paper, and they are heavy enough to keep my boots standing without effort.
Using two or more rolled up magazines secured with rubber bands or duct tape, you can create your own boot shapers according to the shape of your boot. You may also use longer magazines or big shopping bags if your boots are longer.
Now I can store my boots upright, and keep their shape in shoe bins when I store them in the spring. Plus I feel better putting my old magazines to use.


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