In Vermont, We Ate

President’s Weekend marks the annual ski trip we take with friends, the word “ski” used loosely as this is really more a showcase of food and drink.This year’s group was not that big, just two couples and a baby, so we were able to have the luxury of cooking in small batches as opposed to the usual stock pot designed to serve ten or more.

Shakshuka AKA Delicious – Eggs poached in tomato, chickpeas, feta.

Aside from good Vermont snow we shared a lot of genuine conversation not usually afforded by bigger groups. Oh, and the food!

Here is the spread (more photos and recipes when you click the caption links):

Baked Bronzino (click for recipe)

Short Rib Adobo (click for recipe)

Steamed Choysum with Sauteed Ginger

Adobo Fried Rice and Sauteed Eggs (click for recipe)
Kale Salad (click for recipe)

More sopressata, grape tomatoes, cheese.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls (click for recipe)

Beef Nilaga (click for recipe)
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