Parchment-Baked Bluefish with Roasted Cauliflower

Here is a simple way to bake any fish in parchment or en papillote. The parchment paper pouch creates its own steam that cooks the fish in its own broth, resulting in very soft and moist meat and concentrated flavors.

Baked bluefish with capers, olives, onions and sage. Side of roasted cauliflower.

We begin with a bluefish fillet on top of a parchment sheet.

Some rock salt and capers.
Crush and pit some olives and chop coarsely.
Slice some lemon rounds and onions.
Arrange these ingredients on top of the fish.

Sprinkle some capers on top.
Add a lemon slice.

Drizzle some olive oil.

Doesn’t this look good enough to eat already?
How To Wrap Fish in Parchment Paper
Fold the parchment over the fish.
Fold the other side over.
Fold the corners into an angle towards the center.
Twist the ends and tuck them underneath the fish, creating a sealed pouch. 
Set in a glass baking dish.
Bake in a preheated oven at 400C for 25 minutes.
In a separate dish, roast some chopped cauliflower pieces and onion slices drizzled with olive oil.
Each pouch makes one convenient serving.
Cooked to perfection.
This fish will have its flavors intact, and you won’t have a messy baking dish to wash!
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