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Awesome Kale Salad

I wanted to make the kale salad I had at 5 Leaves Restaurant  in Brooklyn so I attempted to replicate it from memory. Sorry 5 Leaves, but I think mine is a little better đŸ˜‰
Here it’s served with my Quick and Simple Chicken Curry.
Begin with a bunch of kale.
Remove stems with a knife and cut the kale into very thin strips.
Crush and pit five Kalamata olives.
Using a food processor or stick blender, blend olives with the juice of one lemon 
and three tablespoons olive oil.
Pour mixture into the bowl of kale strips, mix well.
Grate about 1/4 cup of pecorino cheese and toss. 
Voila! Quick, simple and with fresh, bold flavors. 
You can’t stop eating this! Be warned.
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