Woodside Birthday Dinner

The mark of true food fanatic is when there are more pictures of food than people in a given gathering. We attended a birthday dinner at a friend’s house in Woodside, Queens. Her mother was in town from Japan, and she always makes us a nice homemade meal with some delicacies she flies in from Tokyo and manages to get through customs.  We don’t complain. We eat. We also laugh and toast, celebrating happy occasions and transplanted families.

Roasted eggplant in soy and sesame.

Preparing the noodles.

Steamed napa cabbage.

Carrots, celery and cucumber with crazy good fermented chicken and soy.

Rice balls in egg pockets.

Mrs. Otsubo serves the noodles.

They are piping hot.

Pan-fried noodles with napa cabbage and mushrooms.

Baked chicken marinated in fermented soy.

A sprinkle of vinegar for a nice kick.

Pickled shredded daikon and cabbage.

Ending the evening with homemade chocolate cake.

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