A Filipino Christmas

A short drive to Jersey has been our tradition on Christmas day, to shamelessly partake in friends’ home-cooked Filipino feast. Some highlights:
My third ham of the season was our contribution.
Lechon kawali, deep fried pork belly.
My plate, as I don’t hold back. Clockwise from utensils: patatim pancit (rice noodles with Shiitake mushrooms and pork knuckles), kare-kare (oxtail in peanut sauce), lumpiang hubad (vegetables and peanut sauce), morcon (stuffed beef), lumpiang shanghai (pork spring rolls).
Kare-kare…mmmm…my favorite.
Lumpiang shanghai perfection.
Embutido (meatloaf)
More lumpia
Ham photos.
I made it three times in three weeks. I’m allowed to document its existence. 
Kare-kare. Yes, that’s tripe in the back.
Patatim pancit, my friend’s specialty.
Lumpiang hubad.
Red velvet cheesecake from Juniors.
Ube cake from Krystals.
Homemade leche flan.
Every holiday needs a good dog. This one’s name is Emma. 
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