Bahamas Eats: Oh Andros at Fish Fry

When I read about it, I was very intrigued but never thought I would fall in love with the Bahamian specialty Conch Salad. It comes in a bowl of chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers and the lime juice which cooks the soft chopped meat of the conch, a la Spanish ceviche or Filipino kilawin. The meat is soft and tender when raw or barely cooked. And the sauce has the right tanginess and hotness, reminding of the the tomato and onion salads served alongside fish dishes in my homeland.
Close up of conch meat.
Another popular dish are the conch fritters, tiny pieces of conch meat dipped in a savory beignet-like batter and deep-fried into fluffy balls.
Conch fritters are good enough to try once. In this photo I spilled the sauce. 🙂
The wee bit of conch meat in each fritter.
Grilled snapper is another mainstay in Bahamian cuisine. It’s usually served whole with rice and beans, and choices of sides. On this plate we chose plantains and mac n’ cheese as a side. You know, because we needed more starch and grease.
This was from Oh Andros Restaurant in Arawak Cay, Nassau Bahamas. Oh Andros belongs to a trail of restaurants in that area collectively called “Fish Fry” by the community. This is where they all go for good eats!
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