Bahamas Eats: Twin Brothers Restaurant

We had hitched a ride after a brief visit to Paradise Island (shudder) from a cab driver who recommended Twin Brothers at the foot of the bridge for an authentic Bahamian lunch. After dropping us off and refusing payment (we threw him a tip instead – where do you find this kindness anymore?), we walked over to the roadside eatery and proceeded to satisfy our hunger.
“As seen in The New York Times and CBS,” the signs read, and we didn’t doubt it. The homey and hole-in-the-wall appeal is definitely inviting to avid travelers who want something other than the touristy experience. 
Of course we must start with the Conch Salad, a mixture of tomatoes, onions, peppers and french conch meat. I enjoyed the heat in their version.
Especially because I had additional chopped chilis on the side.
Some rice and peas.
Fresh grilled snapper, corn on the cob, fried plantains.

We were such fans of the Twin Brothers restaurant that we headed to their other branch in Arawak Cay (Fish Fry) for more eats on our last day. Their conch salad was tasty but on the salty side.
The snapper (here with potato salad and rice and peas) was a little overcooked.
We were intrigued by the monstrosity of their broiled conch dish, fresh conch meat steamed in foil along with sweet potato, yuca, plantains, tomatoes, onions and peppers.
Unfortunately the conch was overcooked and very tough. The vegetables were merely steamed and lacked any seasoning. Very disappointing but it’s all part of the adventure!
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