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Talde – Park Slope, Brooklyn

If you know me at all then you’d know that while I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio, I am wired enough to recall the names of random shows and celebrities. So I can tell you that the chef at Talde was in Top Chef, though I can’t tell you what Top Chef is exactly, other than it’s a popular contest show about cooking. Plus Dale Talde is Filipino, so that immediately put Talde on the map for me as a restaurant I needed to try. The Filipino presence in Brooklyn is extremely lacking, so any attempt is worth my attention. Talde called itself an Asian-American Restaurant & Bar, and I hoped it wouldn’t be fusion-y. I hate that! đŸ™‚

Fortunately the chef (recently named by Food & Wine as New York’s Best New Chef) did his homework enough to maintain an authentic Asian feel to his dishes without transforming it into the fusion-like mess that I hate, when a dish that is commonly served family style in large undecorated quantities suddenly becomes miniscule, pretty, but lost. I like my Asian food Asian, not French. Continue reading

Favorite Things: Spicy Pork Bibimbap at Seoulfood Truck

Who doesn’t want quick, cheap and good? This formerly NJ-based restaurant is now a food truck serving midtown and Union Square. I order via Seamless for my office lunch (No lunch break: boo! Free Lunch: Yay!) for a reliable Asian spice fix with the plus of being able to select brown rice. Where else can you find a brown rice bibimbap? Nowhere.

Seoulfood’s spicy pork bibimbap is a treasure bowl of vegetables, pickled daikon and carrots, greens, kimchi, chili and spice. While their short rib and bulgogi leave much to be desired, the spicy pork is the star of this truck and is perfect in a taco, bun, or slider. I’ll take the bibimbap, thank you.

SeoulFood Truck
Various locations, find them at

Pokpok NY, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Asian foodies are so demanding. When we first sat down at Pok Pok NY, our Japanese friend exclaimed, “Thank GOD there is no pad thai on the menu!” She said this because most New York Thai restaurants have identified themselves with the overused noodle dish which has become a staple as far as Thai cuisine is concerned – except that a good pad thai is absolutely rare in these parts. They normally come out dry, bland, and (sigh) Americanized.

So we welcomed the addition of Pok Pok NY into the neighborhood as authentic Asian restaurants were few and far between, plus we’ve grown tired of trying them only to be disappointed. Pok Pok was highly acclaimed, in fact we bumped into fellow food-obsessed friends who got in line with us that Sunday afternoon. Of course our group had to ruin that impression. Uggh, so demanding!

Papaya Pok Pok – Papaya, Lime and Chili Salad

We started with the papaya salad which was too hot that it was inedible. Continue reading

Nihonbashi Tei, Makati City, Philippines

I don’t think we have any friends who don’t like to eat. What would we do with them? Our social life revolves around meals and drinks, and if you don’t appreciate either, I’m not sure conversation would be enough đŸ™‚ Haha!

Spicy salmon

Of course we let our dear friends drag us to their favorite Japanese restaurant. Nihonbashi Tei in Pasay Road is famous for its relatively inexpensive Japanese fare, so accessible that our friends go through week-long binges at this place.

Pickled squid

Continue reading

Pakibalot Panciteria, Quezon City, Philippines

Pakibalot Panciteria‘s pancit canton was recently ranked #2 by so I knew it was a place I wanted to visit the next time I was in Manila. Of course the pancit never made it to my photos because I got too excited again, but I did manage to capture some of their other specialties.

Tokwa’t Baboy (Fried Tofu and Fried Pork Belly)

I always enjoy a good Tokwa’t Baboy. To me the quality of fried tofu is a testament to the skill of the chef as it’s very easy to over- and undercook firm tofu and end up with either a soggy mess that could use a little more browning, or tough squares that have long lost their touch. Pakibalot hit the spot right here with a perfect crunch while remaining tender inside to soak in the delicious sauce.

Chop suey with lechon

They do offer vegetables on the menu but with a Filipino touch of fatty meat stirred along with it. Of course! Continue reading

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