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Salmon Sinigang

You could call it a pimped out tom yum to make it sound more familiar. They probably have similar origins. They are both clear tamarind based broths, but tom yum is finished with lemon grass in the end.
Sinigang is probably the second national dish of the Philippines right next to adobo. It is sour, often spicy, and served with your choice of meat or seafood, plus the standard vegetables daikon (labanos), string beans (substitute for sitaw), and spinach (in place of kangkong). Continue reading

Simply Smoky Lentil Soup

I’ve always wanted to make an American style, smoky lentil or pea soup, the kind one orders on a cold day for a hearty and meat-flavored meal in a bowl.
My creation turned out to be just that, a bowl of goodness rich in flavors of smoke, celery and bay, with a bit of meat here and there. This is the kind of soup you’ll mop the bowl clean with some bread, so consider yourself warned. Recipe follows. Continue reading

Nha Trang Restaurant, New York City

“Hello, kamusta (how are you)? Long time, no see!” the old waiter at Nha Trang Restaurant on Baxter Street greeted us on entry.

He’s not Filipino but greets all Pinoys this way, and if you chat him up on why he knows how to say masarap (tasty), he will tell you that he lived in a Vietnamese refugee camp in the Philippines for quite a while. We’ve been coming to Nha Trang for over a decade and personal touches like this are hard to ignore.

That’s not to say the food doesn’t deserve credit. Other than Nicky’s, Nha Trang’s pho is among the tastiest we’ve found in the city, and the have perfected the use of half-cooked beef slices that melt in the mouth. Continue reading

Chickpea Tahini Soup

I’ve had a jar of tahini and a can of chickpeas for the longest time, hoping I’d have enough initiative to make some hummus. Fortunately I never did, or else I’m sure I would eat it all. I love the flavors of olive oil, sesame and beans, especially with a dash of cumin and some heat. 
 I wanted a recipe to finally evict my pantry squatters, and now I get to share it with you! 
Wash the chickpeas in water and drain.
Begin, as always, with garlic and oil in a hot pot and saute until brown. 
Add all the chickpeas except for one cup (set aside) and season with some spices.
Cumin and cayenne are your friends! Add one teaspoon cumin and a few dashes of cayenne for heat.
Add water, about 6 cups, and one vegetable boullion, plus the juice of one lemon. 
Stir and simmer covered for ten minutes.
Stir the tahini well. In most cases the solids will be stuck to the bottom of the jar. 
Scoop out about half a cup and add to the pot. 
Using a stick blender, liquefy the pot’s contents. Stir and season with cumin and salt.  
Simmer covered for ten minutes.
 Add the remaining chickpeas and some chopped kale. Cook until kale is soft. 
Serve hot with a dash of paprika and top with chopped parsley.  
Hearty and great with some pita or flatbread. Enjoy!
(For this meal I served this soup with a Quick and Simple Chicken Curry and an Awesome Kale Salad)
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