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The Fallingwater Museum by Lego

Fallingwater is the house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann family in 1935 and is considered by the American Institute of Architects to be “the best all-time work of American architecture.”
This year Lego came up with its first Fallingwater model as part of its Frank Lloyd Wright Collection which includes the Guggenheim, and its Architecture Collection which includes the Empire State Building, the White House, Seattle Space Needle, and others.
Here are some photos of our assembly:

The set comes with little bags of pieces in no particular order.

A pictorial instruction booklet is included in the package.
The assembly of 800 pieces took about a day.
Some images of the finished product.

The model has four removable components so as to illustrate the different levels of the house.
Component 1 in place


The set was definitely fun to put together, and it was great to have a Lego model of a favorite museum we once visited.


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