Ginisang Collard Greens – Sauteed Filipino Style

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Collard greens are readily available in any grocery store, and may be a more accessible substitute for more familiar vegetables such as bokchoy and string beans. It’s very versatile because of its ease in preparation, neutral taste and texture, so it can easily be used for many Filipino vegetable dishes. 

“Ginisa” in Filipino means to saute, and that’s really the only thing I did to this dish, other than “make it Filipino” by adding fish sauce as a flavor base. That’s pretty much it, no frills and no fanciness. But let me share the easy prep anyway:

Remove the central vein of each collard leaf using a knife.
Cut it up into strips.
Cut further into smaller strips and squares.
Start with some onions and oil.
Add collards and mix around. Season with fish sauce. Cover and let simmer.
Collards take a while to achieve the desired consistency, about 30-45 minutes on low-medium heat.
Voila. Was that so hard? This is a great side dish for adobo, pata tim, bistek, or fish.
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