How To Wrap Summer Rolls

Ever since we were served homemade summer rolls by our fellow food-crazy friends, we’ve been hooked on making them at home. I wrote down my recipe in a previous post but never documented how to put everything together. So here goes.  
This summer roll contains vermicelli, red cabbage, cilantro and shrimp. 
I like to wrap it nicely so that all colors come out and it stays intact 
and manageable throughout the eating process 🙂

Red cabbage sliced thinly and cooked drained noodles.
These farm-raised shrimp from Fresh Direct are so yummy. Reminds me of home.
Fresh cilantro leaves.
A bowl of sriracha and hoisin peanut sauce.
Nuoc nam or lime garlic sauce.
Dip the rice wrapper in a bowl of hot water.
Set the wrapper gently on a plate.
Put some noodles on the wrapper.
Add red cabbage over the noodles.
Pretty shrimp over all those colors.
Begin wrapping by folding the edge closest to you over the filling.
Do it gently so as not to tear the paper or mess up your pretty filling.
Fold over the filling and then fold the edges towards the middle.
Fold the other end over.

Roll all the way to the end and admire your roll by facing it pretty side up. 

I like biting off one end of the wrapper and spooning the sauces into the roll before 
I put it in my mouth and die of happiness.
There you have it! Visually appealing, simple, mostly raw, healthy meal with simple ingredients!
What can be better than that?
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