Five Leaves Restaurant and Nights & Weekends, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

I had gone to Five Leaves upon the recommendation of a cousin, who wanted to know what the big fuss was about with the evening crowds that gather there every night. The website had me sold.

The wait didn’t (~1 hour) at 6:30 on a Friday night. We waited at their sister bar across the street called Nights and Weekends and had drinks, great shishito peppers, yummy cheesebread and a Mariquitas Pie
(a nacho dish that used plantain chips instead of tortilla chips). Yum.

Mariquitas Pie at Nights and Weekends

When it came time to begin our meal, I was only wowed by their kale salad and its perfect mix of crunch, acid and brine. I even went as far as making it myself. Delicious.

Other dishes ordered that evening were:

Shepherd’s Pie. Flavorful and huge but meh, nothing to rave about.
Duck risotto. Again, flavorful and huge but no “wow” factor.
Grilled whole brook trout (bland and nothing special).
Their famous Five Leaves Burger with egg, beets, and a pineapple slice. 
The patty was tasty but there was wayyyy too much going on. Perhaps that’s the appeal?
A+ for Truffle Fries.
Oh my why is the last dish so forgettable? Maybe because it was. Oh it was a special – broccoli rabe mezzaluna (half moon shaped ravioli), lamb ragout, pistachio and raisins (had to check my notes).

Some pluses: great service and cute wait staff. That this place puts the hip- to the -ster is an understatement though.

Interesting decor in a dark room. Some style elements below (Style Elements is a special section where I feature photos I take of objects that capture my eye in people’s homes or in public spaces):

Old glass mirror dry erase board.
Fiery iced tea.
So it’s a bulb. I like it.

Would I go back? Now that I can make the kale salad, probably not. With no line, perhaps. To tell everyone waiting to go elsewhere? Definitely. I would personally stay at the bar.

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One thought on “Five Leaves Restaurant and Nights & Weekends, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

  1. Anonymous

    i like your moody photos of the restaurant. the interior was nice, but i agree with you about five leaves being nothing special. i really wanted to like it though, since it's heath ledger's restaurant.

    nights and weekends was super cute. i loved the mariquitas pie. i wonder how easy it is to make at home… yes, that's a culinary challenge for you! 😀


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