Mile End Restaurant, Brooklyn

We’ve noticed the weekend crowds at this 5-table-plus-counter restaurant for a while now and finally made it out to Hoyt Street to check it out. Mile End calls itself a “Montreal Jewish Delicatessen,” serving breakfast treats like lox sandwiches, brisket platters and whitefish salad. I was craving maple syrup that morning and did not go wrong with the breakfast burger. Bonus points for this restaurant for being the very few ones who serve a bottle or pitcher of water at the table without being asked.
Breakfast Burger

Turkey sausage, apple sauce, Vermont butter, egg, maple syrup.
I saw the chef put a few squares of butter on top of the patty as it was cooking on the griddle, then placed a steel bowl to cover it while cooking.

Smoked meat hash. Smoked brisket, eggs, potatoes, chives.

Served with sriracha. The hash is so rich that it needed a side piece of toast (ordered separately).

Kitchen and baked goods (double toasted almond challah, cinamon bun, English muffin, apple turnover)

Style elements include vintage Canadian hockey photos.

Great meal fit for champions.
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