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Phoenicia Diner – A Rebirth in Upstate New York

After my heart was broken when a sign at Sweet Sue’s said they were closed for the winter (something about losing their kitchen staff – what happened there?), we warily headed over to Phoenicia Diner as an alternative. I was worried because I stopped there to use their bathroom when I was last in the area, and back then it seemed like one of those outdated empty diners by the highway that have been forgotten by the world.

Corned beef hash skillet.

I was pleasantly surprised that a new energy had taken over the diner, turning it into a hip new joint boasting local meat and produce, promoting nearby artisanal companies, and giving away cool magazines on green, responsible living. A granola-infused wind quickly warmed my heart 😀 Continue reading

Tapsilog – A Breakfast Time Machine

When I moved to New York from Manila, one of my biggest concerns was whether my then-girlfriend (now wife) ate Filipino food, or if I had to eat pancakes for the rest of my life. A Pinoy breakfast is always heavy with the protein of meat, fish and eggs, and a big helping of garlic fried rice. On occasion some pickled papaya might grace the plate, but for the most part this breakfast is everything a farmer would need to make it through the day.

I was relieved to know that she was every bit a Filipino food hound as myself. The only problem was that the closest decent Filipino restaurant was a car ride away, and we didn’t have a car. And nobody made tapsilog the way I liked it. So I had to make my own.

Tapsilog - a Filipino farmer's breakfast of beef, egg and garlic rice.

Tapsilog – a Filipino farmer’s breakfast of beef, egg and garlic rice.

Tapsilog is short for tapa (cured beef), sinangag (garlic fried rice) and itlog (egg). The suffix “silog” is added to many protein sources such as ham-silog, hotdog-silog, daing-silog (daing – marinated milkfish) and longsilog (longganisa – sausage). Technically beef tapa is supposed to be air-dried beef, but I’ve been able to achieve the same result by just marinating the beef in a mixture of soy sauce and lemon. Continue reading

Brunch at Blueprint, Park Slope, Brooklyn

It was the eye-catching simple exterior that caught our attention first when we passed by this place on Fifth and then peeked inside its windows. Right in front of us was a plate of biscuits being consumed by a brunch diner and elicited a “Mmmm!” from both us, including the mental note to make a future plan to dine there.

That time came soon enough and we found ourselves on a warm spring day in their backyard garden for a nice little brunch. So nice. I’d love to come back.

Corned beef hash and eggs.

I loved their house-cured corned beef with the perfect yellow eggs.

The pork butt comes with a biscuit and kale slaw.

Continue reading

Brunch at The Vanderbilt, Brooklyn

I’ve been meaning to try The Vanderbilt since it opened a few years ago. Crowds always fill this place for dinner and I haven’t had the chance to try its reputed goodness, so we decided to try it for brunch one Sunday.

The Slinger – hashbrowns, chili, fried egg, cheddar cheese.

I love brunch and believe it’s a good excuse to socialize. I’ve been a big fan of the offerings at Stone Park , Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and at Frankie’s. But I’m also aware of The Brunch Phenomenon, Continue reading

Mile End Restaurant, Brooklyn

We’ve noticed the weekend crowds at this 5-table-plus-counter restaurant for a while now and finally made it out to Hoyt Street to check it out. Mile End calls itself a “Montreal Jewish Delicatessen,” serving breakfast treats like lox sandwiches, brisket platters and whitefish salad. I was craving maple syrup that morning and did not go wrong with the breakfast burger. Bonus points for this restaurant for being the very few ones who serve a bottle or pitcher of water at the table without being asked.
Breakfast Burger

Turkey sausage, apple sauce, Vermont butter, egg, maple syrup.
I saw the chef put a few squares of butter on top of the patty as it was cooking on the griddle, then placed a steel bowl to cover it while cooking.

Smoked meat hash. Smoked brisket, eggs, potatoes, chives.

Served with sriracha. The hash is so rich that it needed a side piece of toast (ordered separately).

Kitchen and baked goods (double toasted almond challah, cinamon bun, English muffin, apple turnover)

Style elements include vintage Canadian hockey photos.

Great meal fit for champions.
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