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Stamps: Industrial Design Pioneers & Eames

I was running an errand at a nearby post office when I chanced upon the Pioneers of Industrial Design Set on sale among the stamps. The love of stamps is such a lost art owing to the rarity of snail mail these days, and the functional design of stamps to celebrate occasions and holidays. It’s always great to see stamps designed to commemorate artists and designers.

Pioneers of Industrial Design set – landmark designs by Peter Müller-Munk, Frederick Hurten Rhead, Raymond Loewy, Donald Deskey, Walter Dorwin Teague, Henry Dreyfuss, Norman Bel Geddes, Dave Chapman, Greta von Nessen, Eliot Noyes, Russel Wright, Gilbert Rohde

L-R from top left:

Normandie Pitcher by Peter Müller-Munk – a chromium-plated brass pitcher that was easier to care for than traditional silver. Note the simple curves and teardrop shape and a plain, streamlined design devoid of detail.

Fiesta Pitcher by Frederick Hurten Rhead – a symbol of the moderately priced ceramic tableware that introduced ideas of mixing and matching bold colors with the emphasis on clean lines and modern design. Continue reading

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