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Stamps: Industrial Design Pioneers & Eames

I was running an errand at a nearby post office when I chanced upon the Pioneers of Industrial Design Set on sale among the stamps. The love of stamps is such a lost art owing to the rarity of snail mail these days, and the functional design of stamps to celebrate occasions and holidays. It’s always great to see stamps designed to commemorate artists and designers.

Pioneers of Industrial Design set – landmark designs by Peter Müller-Munk, Frederick Hurten Rhead, Raymond Loewy, Donald Deskey, Walter Dorwin Teague, Henry Dreyfuss, Norman Bel Geddes, Dave Chapman, Greta von Nessen, Eliot Noyes, Russel Wright, Gilbert Rohde

L-R from top left:

Normandie Pitcher by Peter Müller-Munk – a chromium-plated brass pitcher that was easier to care for than traditional silver. Note the simple curves and teardrop shape and a plain, streamlined design devoid of detail.

Fiesta Pitcher by Frederick Hurten Rhead – a symbol of the moderately priced ceramic tableware that introduced ideas of mixing and matching bold colors with the emphasis on clean lines and modern design. Continue reading

Fashion Advice for Trees – Art Installation in Brooklyn

I was visiting a friend in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn when I came across a bunch of laminated photos tied to the trunks of trees. Upon closer inspection I saw what looked like a school project to give trees fashion makeovers by some seventh-graders in the neighborhood. I only know this because some pictures were signed “7th grade” next to the name. I couldn’t find any information on the school project online so I decided to just take photos of it. It’s a neat concept for kids and I hope you enjoy it as well as I did!

Here are photos from my visit to 16th street between 7th and 8th Avenues in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.

Style Elements: Woodside

Style Elements is a special section where I feature photos I take of objects that capture my eye in people’s homes or in public spaces. 

Style elements of the Doenjang Chigae Dinner at Woodside.

Colorful ornaments.
Wooden soldiers plate with fried shishito pepper.
Black and white combinations.
Rocker components.
White lighting.
Art by Mamiko Otsubo.
“Togo” couch by Ligne Roset.
Vertical lines.
Dicot green on white.
Lighting elements.
Bonus points for translation.
Hanging mirror.
Optical play.
Old neighborhood poster.
Art by Mamiko Otsubo.
The functional fridge.
More holiday spirit.
Laguiole knife set.
Cool rocker.

Ching-I’s Frutti de Mare Dinner

I might just be really getting into documenting food preparation and presentation. We were fortunate enough to be invited to partake of and prepare a meal to celebrate friendship and the coming year. Thank you to Ching-i for the very special evening. Only you can pull something like this off.
Please check out the preparation photos for each dish!
“Italian Sushi” – Rigatoni stuffed with uni, seeweed, panko and soy sauce.

Fresh shucked Kusshi oysters.

Grilled scallops, dashi, ponzu, sesame.

Grilled eggplant with ginger, mustard leaves, sprouts, anchovies and greens with onion sesame dressing.

Steamed snow crab.

Fresh sea urchin (uni) from Maine and California.

Documenter, sous chefs and chefs.

A tribute to Cheateau Montelena is here.

Style elements are here.

The evening’s spirits are here.

Christmas Ornaments

Being away from my home country for the past decade, we try to keep holiday traditions intact by decorating and setting up a real Christmas tree. I can’t wait to be back home for Christmas again, but until that time our celebrations will have to make up for the festivities we’ve missed. 
Merry Christmas to one and all!

 A parol is a traditional Filipino Christmas lantern.

Wooden star from Budapest.

Wire star from Vaci Utca market, Budapest.

Glass piggy from Prague.

Swarovski star.

Ernie chasing after Bert.

Bokeh it up!

Capiz (mother of pearl) parol ornaments from the Philippines.
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