The Farmhouse at Bedford Post

The Farmhouse at Bedford Post  is a pretty little jewel up in the 914 area code. The spiel is that Richard Gere is part owner and does show up from time to time, but I’m not sure if they taught their valet guy to ask guests if they’re “Looking for Richard?” The service was decent, and the food was okay for a $75 five-course tasting menu. That evening it was comprised of stracciatella beet salad, ricotta pansotti, steamed cod and citrus, “suckling pig” with fig and marjoram, and an apple tart with creme fraiche gelati. Note the quotes on the suckling pig, it’s hard to please Asians who are aware of how tender and creamy an actual suckling pig tastes. This was just pig (sorry!). The stracciatella was good, as was the ricotta pansotti (sufficiently truffled!). The cod was of an interesting gelatinous texture and a little greasy. Mine was very salty while others on the table felt theirs was bland. The tart was very good but was three times larger than it should be. It’s difficult when the dessert is bigger than all the courses. And two of the people at the table felt the gelati was contaminated with onions. Oh no!
I’m still a fan of pretty food photos but I was a little disappointed. Given that at $75 it wasn’t so painful, but apparently there aren’t a lot of nice places in that area so this must be a nice addition to the neighborhood. Unfortunately it’s not a place I would drive from the city to dine at again. As for little out of the city detours touting the whole farm-to-table bit, I still prefer (and adore) Blue Hill at Stone Barns for dinner or brunch. Bedford Post could learn a thing or two from that lovely place.
But if you live up there, I don’t see why Bedford Post wouldn’t be worth a shot.
A bread basket.  I enjoyed the cranberry bread on the right, though as always
I wish restaurants would serve their bread warm. It shouldn’t be that hard.
Pretty table flowers.
Not so pretty dining flowers. 
Parmesan cookie appetizer things.
Stracciatella (a torn apart mozzarella mixed with cream), beets and olive oil.
Pansotti (triangular-shaped ravioli) with ricotta, black truffles, and cheese. 
Cod, citrus and marjoram.
“Suckling” pig, fig, pomegranate.
Pork, yukon potatoes, brussels sprouts
I liked the copper ramekins. Yukon potatoes.
Brussels sprouts, walnuts, cinnamon.
Apple tart and creme fraiche gelati. 
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