Al Di La Trattoria

I wrote about Al Di La Trattoria previously because of my favorite dish there, their Tagliatelle al Ragu. But there is lot more that Al Di La has to offer, making it a favorite joint in the Slope as far as authentic Italian food. This place doesn’t take reservations so we prefer waiting in line as early as 5:45  for the first dinner seating. If that is too early for you, they have a wine bar around the corner where you can wait for your seat. We’ve never tried it, we’re too impatient for the wait.
Dining at Al Di La is as much a pleasure as learning that the restaurant was the love child of two chefs who fell in love in Italy and brought the cuisine to Brooklyn.
A special: Crudo with red radish.
Steamed Bouchot Mussels
Spaghetti Alle Vongole
A special : Cavatelli Bolognese

And finally, one of my favorite Park Slope treats, Al Di La’s Tagliatelle al Ragu which is just absolute perfection. I would keep coming back just for this dish, served at dinner ($16) and at brunch ($12).(While at Al Di La, order the Seppia Oxtail appetizer – a stew of cuttlefish and oxtail over polenta – for a rendezvous with flavor and surprise.)

Al Di La Trattoria
248 5th Avenue  Brooklyn
NY 11215-1201
(718) 783-4565
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