Al Di La Trattoria – again again again!

If you’ve followed this blog you would be aware of how much I love Al Di La. I wrote about it here and here. I love it so much that it’s my default place to wow guests, especially those who are not aware of the wealth of restaurants in Brooklyn.

Sepia and oxtail over polenta

Oxtail and sepia together is just a crime. It’s like making heaven better! The bed of polenta is a good cushion and buffer for the rich flavor of this combination.

Scallop carpaccio salad

Melts in your mouth. Yum.

My favorite – tagliatelle al ragu

I love the tagliatelle so much that I once ordered it on a Friday night and again on Sunday morning for brunch. The sauce tastes like it’s been cooking all day, and you know how I am a fan of labors of love. And just when I thought the ragu sauce couldn’t get better, they upped the ante by making it with lamb and goat cheese.

Lamb ragu and goat cheese

The goat cheese adds additional depth along with the savory nature of the lamb. It was different and similar at the same time that I didn’t mind having both ragu dishes at the table during my meal.

Beef liver and polenta

I’m not a liver fan except in pates and foie gras, but I can tell you that the liver eaters at the table were pleased with this order, though it would have been better to share since it is way too much for one serving.

Squid ink pasta and crab meat

The squid ink pasta does not disappoint either. The ink adds a nice briny depth to the noodles that is accented by the crab meat.

I wish I could say I’m tired of Al Di La but it’s so reliable and so, so good. I can’t wait to go again soon. (As mentioned in my earlier posts, Al Di La is probably one of Park Slope’s most popular restaurants. For guaranteed seating you must be in line before they open for dinner each day as they take no reservations, or wait in their wine bar in the back for a table for the second seating.)

Al Di La Trattoria
248 5th Avenue & Carroll Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 783-4565

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