ChickP Brooklyn

Aside from the fact that I used to live on the same block as this new restaurant, this joint opened right around the time Kulushkat did a few blocks away, and I was curious to compare the two places. There is something comforting about the whole pita-falafel-hummus combination other than how yummy it is, it’s usually quick, inexpensive, and makes you feel like you’re making the healthier choice.

We ordered the Falafel Trio ($11) which includes their three falafel flavors (spicy, spinach, regular) and an abundance of sides. Now I like sides. A-side from this we also ordered their roasted beets (yum) and baba ganoush, which was very rich in grilled flavor and was light and creamy. Very good. Happy tummies for $16. (The one downside: cold pita? Wtf?!)

We’ll be back!

Chick P
490 Bergen St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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