Blue Hill at Stone Barns – Dinner

Blue Hill at Stone Barns (Tarrytown, New York) is one of those six-hour meal experiences beginning with a tour of the farm, a sighting of their free-range and grass-fed animals and organic produce, and a glorious meal of several courses. At $100-150/head (without drinks), it is a glorious and thoughtful meal to be shared with friends and family who would appreciate the chef’s effort, as well as the objective of the farm and restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the small servings as most people would do well with the five-course (as opposed to the eight-course) selection, though hearty manly eaters must be warned. There are never overwhelming quantities of food, but there is definitely a sensation overload. (Apologies for the poor lighting, this was the in the evening and flash photography was not permitted. (Update: DJ’s take on Blue Hill’s Farmer’s Lunch is here.)

Fresh garden baby carrots, radishes and lettuce standing on a log of nails.

Beet, parsnip, radish and sage-threaded carrot chips arranged in a standing log.

Lardo, farm-fresh butter, cottage cheese and carrot rock salt.

Assorted meats and flatbread standing on a bed of nails.

Liver terrine and chocolate. Heavenly.

Mini beet burgers.

Pancetta-wrapped salsify.

Caviar-topped bone marrow with special bone holder.

Pancetta-wrapped chad fish roe on brioche.

Vegetable-decorated rice paper over fresh egg and spinach soup.

Venison loin and heart with leek and date puree.

At some point the farm imported geese in an attempt to produce a “humane” foie gras from their livers, but failed due to the serene and particular surroundings geese require. They kept the geese and use their eggs for the restaurant.

Linguine with goose egg sauce, black mushrooms and grated pickled embryonated chicken egg.

Farm bees produced this picturesque honey in a jar to begin the dessert course.

Yogurt marshmallows, dark chocolate toffee, mapled sesame seeds.

 Carrot cake, caramel ice cream, passion fruit froth and syrup.

The premises with very efficient valet parking. As soon as you pay your bill, your coats await you at the front desk and your car is ready when you leave the building. Why can’t everyone do that?

Happy sheep?

Happy sheep dog. :o)

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