Eden Center, Falls Church, Virginia

Our Vietnamese friend was on a mission during our trip to DC, and she would not be dissuaded. She loaded ice packs into the trunk in preparation for her haul, something I probably would have done if I believed a one-stop shop of Filipino goodies was in close proximity to a place we were visiting.

Eden Center

Eden Center is that kind of savior for the Vietnamese in Virginia. Housed in the rows of a beige and red strip mall were stores upon stores of freshly made delicacies and snacks, restaurants, salons and jewelry stores. We had lunch at Pho Xe Lua after which our friend went into a zone, raiding one store after the other for some treats you simply cannot find in New York.

Here are some photos of Eden Center’s treasures.

Assorted snacks and dishes

Assorted fried pastries: sesame buns, fried bananas, spring rolls

Some gooey sweet concoction I was afraid to try.

Ground rice delicacies

Summer Rolls

Noodles and buns

Assorted desserts

A smorgasbord of goodies.

This gentleman said, “Don’t take pictures of the food, take a picture of me!”

More yums

Pickled mangoes and other fruit

One of the food stores.

Fried Tofu and Spring Rolls

A new discovery – basil seeds. Like slippery pomegranate seeds. Delicious.

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