Frankie’s 457 Dinner

Have I told you I love Frankie’s? I think I did here. I tried this shortly after I read that  we tried it a couple after reading that NYT food critic Sam Sifton’s best meal on the job was there. This time I actually had a chance to take mediocre photos of and so I have to share.
Braised Octopus with Dandelion Greens & Castelvetrano Vinaigrette
This is perfection.
Duck liver pate and arugula salad.
They were out of our favorite liver crostini  and the waiter suggested this.
It was definitely not a disappointment.
Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Lemon & Castelrosso
I have yet to figure out how they make this, but I will replicate it soon. Promise.
My platter of appetizers.
House-made Cavatelli with Faiccos Hot Sausage & Browned Sage Butter.
This dish needs to win an award.
Full serving of cavatelli.
Meatballs. Very tender and juicy, but the raisins threw me off.
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