OXO Pineapple Slicer – Quick and Pretty Pineapple Spirals

I love gadgets and tools but I’m especially wary of kitchen gadgets with a single function, such as apple corers, ginger peelers, even citrus reamers (though I use enough of the latter that I actually have one!). They usually take up more space than they’re worth. Enter this pineapple slicer. I was very skeptical. I thought it would waste a lot of the pineapple, or do an unsatisfactory job, but I was actually surprised.

How to instantly and effortlessly cut pineapple in a spiral.

The OXO Pineapple Slicer is a simple contraption that allows you to create a pretty spiral out of your pineapple in just a few simple steps, as detailed below:

1. Cut off the head and stem spines using a sharp knife.

2. Twist the slicer along the core.

3. Press the button to detach the handle from the rest of the slicer.

4. Once you detach the handle, you will be left with this.

5. Pull off the peel/shell to expose the pineapple spiral.

6. Slide the remaining piece of the slicer out.

7. Awesome or what?

Voila, a neat and appealing spiral of juicy goodness.

Remains of the day!

Remains of the day!

Buy the OXO Pineapple Slicer here.

(Full Disclosure: I don’t work for OXO or Amazon. I just genuinely like this product. You may buy it elsewhere, but if you buy it through this link, I get a silly miniscule commission to help with the upkeep of this otherwise ad-free site. Thanks!)

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One thought on “OXO Pineapple Slicer – Quick and Pretty Pineapple Spirals

  1. Wanda

    Hello, OMG, I love this oxo tool, and I love fresh pineapple, but until tonight I kept pulling the handle hoping to get the core out! LOL.
    Must have missed the directions!


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