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OXO Pineapple Slicer – Quick and Pretty Pineapple Spirals

I love gadgets and tools but I’m especially wary of kitchen gadgets with a single function, such as apple corers, ginger peelers, even citrus reamers (though I use enough of the latter that I actually have one!). They usually take up more space than they’re worth. Enter this pineapple slicer. I was very skeptical. I thought it would waste a lot of the pineapple, or do an unsatisfactory job, but I was actually surprised.

How to instantly and effortlessly cut pineapple in a spiral.

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Cleaning Stovetop Grills and Grates With Ammonia

The only way to keep a kitchen good as new is to never use it. Even the most careful cook will spill stew from her ladle or have a pot boil over. Regardless of one’s cleaning prowess, these drips and smears accumulate over time and produce a hardened combination of food and grease residue that even the best scrubbing cannot remove.

Here is one of our stovetop grills. Notice the buildup of grease. We’ve tried cleansers, hot water, the dishwasher, but we could not get rid of this accumulation over four years of daily cooking.

Cruddy stovetop grates

Years of caked on residue that’s been impossible to remove.

Cleaned grill on left, and dirty grill on right – the clean one is like new!

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