Pizzeria da Baffetto, Rome

Pizzeria da Baffetto seems to have earned prime real estate in all the Rome guidebooks for what is considered the best pizza in Rome, and with good reason. Often packed and very busy, the best time to come is before it opens at 7pm, and with an open mind around the less-than-gracious staff that seem well-versed in the rush that accompanies a famous pizza restaurant. Having said that, the flavors are distinct and the dough is tasty and crisp from a brick oven.
Da Baffetto is not a place to linger and chat but to eat and run. Locals know this, and tourists, whether they like it or not, quickly learn this fact.

Will not refuse the house red.

A shared table is not uncommon during busy hours.

Mushrooms and onions.

Plain pie.

Cheese and prosciutto.

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