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Crostini, Tahini and Curry Dinner

 The evening’s main course: Curried chicken with caramelized tomatoes over quinoa polenta and a side kale salad. 
Not a huge sports fan but I like making major games an excuse to have people over for dinner. As preparation for our annual Superbowl dinner, we invited a few friends for drinks and eats to watch 
the NFC Championship Game. 
Having guests over is also a good time to practice table setting. Here I used the teak napkin holders I got to match our table, a bunch of daffodils and Riedel stemless wine glasses.  
The first order of business was the homemade chicken liver pate crostini, pictured here with chopped roasted almonds and sage and drizzled with truffle oil. 
A Malbec was the choice for the evening and alongside a sliced baguette we served 
Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam Cheese, a crazy soft creamy cheese that is always a crowd pleaser.  
The soup of the evening was the recently discovered Chickpea Tahini Soup.
quinoa polenta and a side of Kale Salad.
The daffodils bloomed by the end of the evening. I love being around for that.
Screaming sports fans, not so much đŸ™‚

Quick and Simple Chicken Curry

This must be the simplest chicken dish I’ve made, and you can make it too using only four ingredients! All you need is chicken, paprika, curry powder and onions. 
Begin with three chicken pieces and sprinkle some salt, curry powder and paprika on both sides.

Rub evenly and set aside.
In a hot pan with oil, sear chicken on both sides.
Turn over and enjoy the charred surfaces which just make them yummm…
Lower the heat and add a whole red onion, sliced thinly into rings.
Cover and allow to cook on low heat for twenty minutes.
Turn over and cook for another ten minutes, until the onions have caramelized.
Just like that. Quick and simple curry! Here it is served with this lovely kale salad.

Curried Chicken, Chutney, Yogurt and Naan

There is nothing like the flavor of a homemade curry and the freedom to leisurely sit in your home dipping naan in a hot and rich curry sauce. Curries are not difficult dishes if you have the correct spices,  as well as some bottled assistance when necessary.
 Curried chicken and brussels sprouts, naan, yogurt, chutney and side cauliflower and garlic.

Season some chicken pieces with salt and pepper.
In a good pot, saute some onions in oil.
Sear chicken pieces on all sides.
Keep on high heat until brown.
Add 1 tbsp curry and 1 tsp ground cumin powder.
Coat chicken in spices.
Add some life elixir…errr…water (1 cup).
Add some chilis, if you’re so inclined. 
Simmer for 30 minutes until chicken is cooked.
Add 2 tablespoons curry paste (if not available, 1/2 cup coconut milk would help thicken the sauce).
I got this bottle at Sahadi’s
The curry powder and cumin are good enough spices to finish this dish,
but I had some of this to add so I did!
Simmer for another 30 minutes until sauce thickens.

I got these babies at the Food Coop. I am in love with the Mango Chutney on the left,  
and along with the Greek yogurt on the right they were perfect partners to my curry.

Heat up some naan on the stove.

And here we go. Naan, vegetables, curried chicken, mango chutney and yogurt.
The chutney and yogurt cut the spice of the curry perfectly.

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