A Mykonos Meow: A Photo Essay

I was just minding my own business when someone started taking my picture
Who are these people?
I guess it doesn’t hurt to pose.
 Just like this.

This is my majestic look.

This light is bad for my eyes.

Or am I a Chinese cat?

I know I’m a little dirty but I’m also a pretty cat.

Don’t you just love these colors?

All this showbiz is just tiring.

You’re gonna have to do it without me.

Though I must say, the magic hour works for me too.
Even after sunset!
You know this is gonna cost you, right?
A cold drink to push that bacon and eggs down…
Thanks, that was yummy!
An empty plate and no competition. I love it!
I guess you’re deserving of my company.
But not for long.
All that food just made me so sleepy…
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