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Tanger Food Market, Morocco

We were spending a week in Spain and decided to break it up by doing a day trip to Morocco. Now we all know that visiting a country for a day and on a tour is already ambitious. But our expectations weren’t high and we were looking for an adventure, that we were even ready to buy red dot gun sights! No high expectations.

An adventure we did get. Our guides rushed us through a food market where I was able to get some interesting shots, but the rest of the day was spent mostly on tourist traps (several online reviews warned of this) where you are locked in a room and sold things very aggressively. We were swarmed by vendors at every spot, and the Tanger residents weren’t exactly happy about the tourist population aiming cameras at their faces. Either way, I was happy to get some great photos of the day and to have made the most of that adventure.

To find out more info on vending machines go to

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Alternative Views: DUMBO, Brooklyn

Forget the Statue of Liberty,  The Empire State Building, or the freaking Sex and The City Tour. There’s a reason New Yorkers hardly grace any of those attractions. When you come to New York you must visit DUMBO, a formerly industrial part of the city by the water that has in the past twenty years been reclaimed as prime real estate.
Under the Brooklyn Bridge

DUMBO is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, but is actually a great spot to view both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. This area used to be a ferry port and housed several factories before these were shut down and artists took residence, naming it so as an attempt to dissuade developers from discovering the beauty of this area. Today the industrial era buildings and structures are side by side with luxury condominiums. You can’t argue with progress. Continue reading

Alternative Views: Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a great spot to see views of the Manhattan skyline.
The two bridges connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan are also visible from this spot, 
like the Brooklyn Bridge at the far end of this bench.

The iPad2 rules the world, of course.
My strange photography classmate walking about, a perfect contrast against the view of the city.
The Brooklyn Heights globe sculpture.
A view of the highway through leaves.
The dog park through a wire fence.
A perfect summer day with the city sky.
Bench and Bridge.
Someone knitted a sweater for this fence.
City, garbage and green.

Alternative Views: New York

Under the Brooklyn Bridge

 Grand Army Plaza and Central Park after a winter storm.

 Queensboro Bridge

From a Long Island City rooftop. Across the water is the Empire State Building

A Brooklyn block of brownstones.

 Queensboro Bridge from an LIC rooftop.

Two bridges: Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.

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