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Alternative Views: DUMBO, Brooklyn

Forget the Statue of Liberty,  The Empire State Building, or the freaking Sex and The City Tour. There’s a reason New Yorkers hardly grace any of those attractions. When you come to New York you must visit DUMBO, a formerly industrial part of the city by the water that has in the past twenty years been reclaimed as prime real estate.
Under the Brooklyn Bridge

DUMBO is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, but is actually a great spot to view both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. This area used to be a ferry port and housed several factories before these were shut down and artists took residence, naming it so as an attempt to dissuade developers from discovering the beauty of this area. Today the industrial era buildings and structures are side by side with luxury condominiums. You can’t argue with progress. Continue reading

Pet Photography: Random

This is Oscar, a country dog who has to deal with the stresses of New York City.
Doesn’t stop him from looking good.

This is Portia, whose looks may be deceiving.
She is a devious cat who was an inch away from stabbing her Pitbull cousin with a kitchen knife.
True story!
This is Toblerone, a princess from Los Angeles.
This is Jasper, Greta‘s littermate. They don’t look similar at all. 

Alternative Views: Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a great spot to see views of the Manhattan skyline.
The two bridges connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan are also visible from this spot, 
like the Brooklyn Bridge at the far end of this bench.

The iPad2 rules the world, of course.
My strange photography classmate walking about, a perfect contrast against the view of the city.
The Brooklyn Heights globe sculpture.
A view of the highway through leaves.
The dog park through a wire fence.
A perfect summer day with the city sky.
Bench and Bridge.
Someone knitted a sweater for this fence.
City, garbage and green.

Pet Photography: Simon

This is our cat Simon who turns eight this year. 
He enjoys playing with his sister Greta, and looking like a catfish.
He enjoys posing for the camera and getting into trouble.

Looking generally unimpressed, he is only waiting for an opportunity to kill you.
Here he is with his best foot forward.
He wants to know if you like his whiskers.
Or if you are just in awe of his good looks.
Either way you have the permission to stare.
Sometimes he’ll even stare back.
But only if he’s not busy with anything else. Like eating plastic.

DUMBO Street Art

What I love about New York is the art that is everywhere. Because thousands of artists flock to the city to try their luck, areas such as Brooklyn’s DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), home to a lot of artist studios, organizations and exhibit halls, benefit from the talent that just spontaneously produces art for public consumption.
Here are a few prints and random street graffiti on walls of its streets. 

Le End indeed.
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