Favorite Things: House Marinated Feta from Brooklyn Larder

The tub was unremarkable, but the contents were not to be dismissed. Our friends the adobo makers raved about it when they lined it up among their treasures for our magical Vermont weekend.

 Brooklyn Larder is one of those specialty food stores around the corner from where I live. (Maggie Gylllenhaal is a frequent visitor and once touched R’s arm in gratitude for letting her cut the line. True story!) It has its arsenal of breads, pastries, cheeses and charcuterie, sweets and desserts. It houses the most delicious pistachio gelato I’ve known, and is also where one can get amazing ice cream sandwiches whose cookie sides are so richly chocolatey that you’ll forget its hefty $6 price.

The Larder makes it known that good food does not come cheap. At $9 a tub of marinated feta you can’t really complain. Four squares of Bulgarian feta soak in their rosemary flavored house olive oil. The oil is of a quality good enough to use on its own. In fact one only has to bust out a baguette along with the tub and you’d be all set for pre-meal grub.

I’m glad to have sampled it from friends because it’s not something I would have tried on my own. Ah but I did, so how can I turn back? The feta is not as salty as most but that doesn’t mean the taste isn’t long. It’s longer than a weekend line at the store.

Tomatoes, rock salt, feta and rosemary.
Feta, tomatoes, basil.

Don’t you love food discoveries? I’m going to add this to my list of local favorites which include The Big Gay Ice Cream Choinkwich, Uncle Louie G’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter, Chocolate Room Banana Split, and Sottocenere Al Tartufo,

What are your favorite things?

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