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Brambles at Weather Up in Brooklyn (and a great story)

Weather Up is a speakeasy-style bar in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. For the uninformed, speakeasies were illegal establishments that served liquor during the time of prohibition in the 1900s when the sale and purchase of alcohol was prohibited by law. These kinds of bars are hidden from normal view, some of which required a password for entry.

Brambles (fresh blackberries, gin, syrup and lemon) are not on the menu so you'd have to ask for them :)

Brambles (fresh blackberries, gin, syrup and lemon) are not on the menu so you’d have to ask for them đŸ™‚

Weather Up was built in that style. While most people discover this place from friends who took them there, ours is (always) a special story. From 2003-2007, we lived in a duplex brownstone in Park Slope and walked our dog Greta at least three times a day. Next door a dog named Lily, a fellow pitbull with a beautiful tan coat, would bark from the window or come rushing out to say hi to Greta. Lily belonged to a guy whose name we never asked. He was dating a tall blonde model-esque lady and they walked Lily together for a year or so, until she disappeared and was replaced by another model-esque black woman who I guess became his girlfriend. (Where is this story going?!) Continue reading

Apple Cider Donuts at Soon’s Orchard, New Hampton NY

I’m not a sucker for sweets. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, even if this blog is full of dessert posts. But the truth is that I don’t seek out cakes, pastries and pies, and I would be as happy with fruit after a meal. Dessert I feel is a moment to share as a separate meal sharing a slice with tea and conversation, or as a second destination after a restaurant meal. Anyway, where was I? (Lost in sugary lies!)

Oh yes, warm apple cider donuts. From Soons Orchard, these are about the best donuts I’ve ever had. Ever. Would I lie to you? Maybe for a donut.

At 31 cents apiece, they’re not bad! They have them with brown or powdered sugar. I prefer them as a classic brown, and freshly made from the Soon’s country store. Continue reading

Emergency Appetizer – Sardines in Balsalmic Vinegar and Olive Oil

Surprise guests? A can of sardines in your pantry can turn that evening around. Of course, some cheese and crackers are always good to have around, but with a simple can of sardines in oil you can have a creative appetizer with that bottle of wine, with guests mopping up the sauce with their bread.

Crowd pleasing appetizer in three steps.

Continue reading

Ample Hills Salted Crack Caramel

Salted Crack Caramel with the backdrop of the shop.

Oh, and the owner Tweeted that he actually saw me taking that shot!

Ample Hills gained NYC infamy last year when it opened in June and closed just four days later because they had run out of their initial 130 gallons of ice cream. Continue reading

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