Favorite Things: Shabu-Tatsu’s Green Tea Ice Cream

Green tea ice cream? I know. They probably don’t even make it there, but I’ve never found anything close to the green tea ice cream they serve at Shabu-Tatsu. It has a particular bite on your tongue that delivers the bitter tea taste like  no other green tea ice cream I’ve tried. I would go back just for the ice cream if only they didn’t have a minimum order!

I did try to figure out where they get their ice cream, and a waiter told me the brand was Mister Green Tea. I’ve tried Mister Green Tea and it’s good, but still nothing like Shabu-Tatsu’s, so the next time I was there I told the waiter that Mister Green Tea doesn’t taste like their ice cream.

He said, “Oh, really?” and I proceeded to say that maybe the company delivers them a restaurant-grade batch? I thought that was a good explanation.

He answered, “I don’t know, but if you find out where we get it, can you let me know? I really like it too.”

Stumped. I love the stuff. Maybe it’s a blessing that the wholesale blend is not available in stores.

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