Favorite Things: Sweet Fire Pickles and Peppers

I was on a Labor Day Weekend fishing trip in Delaware and was spending an afternoon in town looking for a present to bring home for my significant other. Not being a fan of anything touristy or souvenir-like, I had difficulty finding anything at the Boardwalk, which was packed with stores selling the usual variety of t-shirts, hoodies, flipflops and fridge magnets. I gave up after a few minutes.
On a chance stop for gas, I gazed upon a gourmet shop and decided to try my luck. I found this jar of pickles and peppers I was sure would be just your run-of-the-mill jar of salty green things, plain and forgettable. Upon opening the jar at home however, we were greeted with the most wonderful combination of sweet and heat I haven’t encountered in any other bottle of pickles or peppers to date.

The juice was good enough to drink, which I did until I was stopped by the gift’s recipient. Was she trying to save me or to save some for herself? I’ll never know. But these pickles and peppers have been such a crowd-pleaser that anyone we’ve served them to has fallen ravenously in love with them and insists on ordering their own batch. I ordered a dozen bottles and split it amongst friends. Sweet Fire Bread & Butter Pickles and Peppers are available for purchase here
The pickles and peppers come in a regular mason jar and might look ordinary, but don’t be fooled. It’s a taste experience like no other. It is great with sandwiches, as an appetizer with cocktails, or served alongside meatloaf and other hearty dishes.
As for the contents, they lack the crunch of regular jarred pickles but that’s because the heat and flavor have seeped all the way through each piece. Incidentally, these are awesome threaded through a long toothpick in Bloody Marys along with some olives. This is a fantastic product from Delaware. No wonder it’s a National Champion!
 Sweet Fire Pickles and Peppers with DopamineJunkie’s Quinoa Meatloaf.
Photo by Kanako Shimura.
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One thought on “Favorite Things: Sweet Fire Pickles and Peppers

  1. Anonymous

    Finally, someone wrote about these prized pickles and peppers. They deserve so much praise. What a great idea to use them for bloody mary's!!!!


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