Patsy’s Pizzeria

I’ve always thought that Patsy’s was a more easygoing alternative to Grimaldi’s before they moved to their new location. At Patsy’s locations there isn’t such a wait, plus there are family style platters of pastas and appetizers you can order for those who aren’t so pizza-crazy or just want a more balanced meal.

I actually like Patsy’s pizza. The crust stays crispy and the restaurants are roomy, drama-free stops in the city for reliable New York brick oven pizza and above average pasta.

Sausage, mushroom and black olives on a large pie.

Old fashioned pizza makers.

I have all the faith in Patsy’s as old fashioned pizza makers. Grimaldi’s original location was actually a former Patsy’s restaurant before it was sold to its current owner. Now I hear that Patsy’s is actually reclaiming its old space, and I am curious to see how two classic pizza makers will fare side by side.

Spaghetti and meatballs. Yum.

Fried eggplant, zuchini, and yogurt dip.

A closer look at my plate. I actually like it that there’s more than just pizza on it. It prolongs my meal experience.

Good and reliable. I’ll always be back.

Patsy’s (23rd St)
318 West 23rd Street New York,
NY 10011 (at 8th Ave)
(646) 486-7400

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