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Giuseppina’s is the Lucali’s Alternative – South Slope, Brooklyn

I told you about Lucali’s right? And I believe I also told you about all my other pizza loves – Grimaldi’s and Patsy’s and DiFara’s. Lucali’s is definitely my new love (Beyonce and Jay-Z agree), but sometimes the 1-2 hour wait is not convenient. In that case, you should head over to Giuseppina’s over in South Slope, for something just as nice. The owners of the two restaurants are brothers after all.

Large mushroom pie. Extra garlic please!

Our Lucali fanatic friends insist that they can taste a difference between the two restaurants, but I surely don’t. Their calzones are just as crisp and light. The pies are thin, brick oven-baked, and not watery like Grimaldi’s often gets after a few minutes. The downside to Giuseppina’s is that they are not BYOB, so you don’t save on the booze, but our favorite Montepulciano is about $30, not bad divided by four or six. Being able to sit upon entry and even make reservations (What? In New York?) makes Giuseppina a convenient and more predictable pizza joint without the hassle.

691 Sixth Avenue (20th Street)
South Slope, Brooklyn
(718) 499-5052

Lucali Pizza, Brooklyn

Did I tell you New Yorkers are very particular with their pizza? I think I did here. Each resident of this lovely city has his or her favorite pizza joint, and mine is Lucali. Of course, it wasn’t always Lucali. I spent many years pre-Lucali making the trek to Grimaldi’s and Patsy’s, lining up for hours for a slice at DiFara’s, experimenting outside our shores in Rome’s Pizzeria Da Baffeto, and in Sint Maarten’s La Fregate. One cannot underestimate the joy of finding a good pie.

A good pie is crispy, brick-oven baked, with slightly charred edges, and not soggy. It’s all about the crust.

But I digress. Usually when I am asked if I have tried (insert name) pizza yet, I am skeptical, and depending on the reliability of the inquirer’s taste and the delivery of his feedback, I might give it a shot. Friends of friends recommended this place, and we’re glad we listened. It now tops our list. Continue reading

Salad Pizza on Focaccia

Focaccia is an Italian-style flatbread that is similar to thick crust pizza in taste in consistency, and is often found piled high in Italian specialty shops. This is precisely where R found them when she decided to make pizza out of the bread. She bought some fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and dried oregano, and ran home.

The result was a refreshing mix of fresh and nutty arugula flavors, the bite and savoriness of the prosciutto, and the creaminess of the fresh mozzarella atop a soft and tasty piece of bread with crunchy edges. Continue reading

Is Panizza a Philippine Phenomenon? Mona Lisa Ristorante, Alabang

New Yorkers are arrogant about pizza, and with reason. We do have the best pizza you’ll ever find outside of Italy. See? Okay, I would rephrase that to say that New Yorkers are arrogant about a particular kind of pizza, the coal-oven thin crust variety, not to be confused with Chicago’s deep dish or a hearty thick crust elsewhere. But ours is still the best. 🙂

(Read DJ’s take on Grimaldi’s, Patsy’s, DiFara’s, Rome’s Pizzeria Da Baffeto, and Sint Maarten’s La Fregate.  I do love my slice!)

And so when a friend said the pizza at this restaurant in Manila was good, I was skeptical and nearly rolled my eyes. Good pizza? Surely you don’t know who you’re talking to. But wait, there was a twist. It wasn’t just pizza but PANIZZA, a supposed combination of pizza and panini, that made me even more suspicious. You must be kidding me. I knew I had to try this bipolar pie.

Rolled up panizza. The richness of the cheese combined with the crunch of the crust is the perfect accompaniment to the freshness of the greens inside.

Google it. No such listings for Panizza exist other than family trees for that Italian last name and restaurant listings from the Philippines. Is panizza truly a Filipino phenomenon? Why hasn’t anyone thought of it elsewhere? Some entrepreneurial spirit needs to read this and rock New York with panizza because it was so, so good! Continue reading

Patsy’s Pizzeria

I’ve always thought that Patsy’s was a more easygoing alternative to Grimaldi’s before they moved to their new location. At Patsy’s locations there isn’t such a wait, plus there are family style platters of pastas and appetizers you can order for those who aren’t so pizza-crazy or just want a more balanced meal.

I actually like Patsy’s pizza. The crust stays crispy and the restaurants are roomy, drama-free stops in the city for reliable New York brick oven pizza and above average pasta.

Sausage, mushroom and black olives on a large pie.

Continue reading

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