Quick Candied Kumquats – Served Three Ways

Say it fast three times. Quick candied kumquats. Quick candied kumquats. Quick candied kumquats. I might have found the best tongue twister out there. Thank god the subject is also a tongue pleaser.

Kumquats are pretty orange citruses originating from Asia, but now cultivated in California and Florida. A seasonal fruit present only in the spring, I’ve seen them around but only managed to take a chance and try them during my last trip to the Food Coop. I didn’t really know what they were, but they looked too good to not be good, so here we are.

It turns out that kumquats are quite tart to eat on their own. I looked up other ways to prepare them and was immediately drawn to how attractive candied kumquats were as a garnish. I had to try candying fruit for the first time, and boy was I very pleasantly surprised. They are sweet, tart and have a faint bitterness that adds a distinct character to them.

Here we go with my candied kumquat adventure, and three ways to use them in case you still have doubts! Recipe follows.

 We begin with a handful of kumquats.
Slice them thinly to cook easily and achieve a translucent appearance.
Add to syrup and simmer.
Boil that candy! The aromas are amazing!
These thinly sliced kumquats achieved a translucent appearance in 20 minutes.
They are pretty and versatile, served on top of meat, dessert, or as a cocktail (see below).

Quick Candied Kumquats

8-10 kumquats, thinly sliced
1/2 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Dissolve sugar in water while bringing to a boil. Add vanilla and sliced kumquats and simmer until translucent on low-medium heat, about 20 minutes. Carefully fish out kumquats into a container and spoon some of the syrup on top. Store in fridge for two weeks.

Candied kumquats three ways:

You may save some of the syrup to create a Candied Kumquat Cocktail (recipe here).
Candied kumquats also work as a side for salty meat dishes sich as this Chimichurri Chicken (recipe here).
And for dessert, candied kumquats are an excellent companion to chocolate, as seen here topping Dr Oetker’s organic brownies (info here).
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