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Mrs. K’s Tollhouse, Silver Spring MD

Every small town needs a go-to place for a nice meal, a restaurant that takes its time to create a unique experience for its diners, no matter how small the town is or how close it is to an urban center. Mrs. K’s Tollhouse does this for Silver Spring, Maryland. A short drive from DC, this historic building has been preserved from its early 1900s roots to a restaurant that has been serving treats for the past seventy years. The service was quick, warm, and friendly, and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the wine along with great company. Some treasures from that evening:

The Greek meatballs were juicy and full of meaty cumin flavors.

Cava Mezze, Washington DC

Cava Mezze is an example of vision coming to life. You know when you look at a neighborhood and say, “Why doesn’t anyone put up a (insert cuisine) restaurant here? There is nothing like that in this area!”

Greek restaurants are a dime a dozen but Greek tapas places, especially modern and stylized such as Cava, seem to please a particular restaurant crowd looking for a twist on regular Greek fare. Built by three friends who asked the same question and actually took matters into their own hands, the food in this restaurant does taste like it was part of a dream.

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