Tom’s Restaurant, Brooklyn

Don’t you love it when places seem to be frozen in time? Tom’s is one of those places, with menu boards and handwritten signs for their daily specials. The food is cheap and lovely, and they open at 6 am, perfect for your hungover self. Lines get long on weekends after ten in the morning so expect to wait. It’s definitely worth it, especially with the very nice touch of being handed coffees and treats (cookies, beef sausages, fries) while standing in line. Why don’t other restaurants do that? That’s a smart way of keeping guests entertained, pleasant, and hooked on a menu item even before they’re seated.  Tom’s is an institution in Brooklyn, and there’s a reason the hundreds of brunch places haven’t changed that.

The legend’s decor speaks for itself.

Awesome crispy fries with what seems like Tex-Mex sauce.

French Toast and Sausage

Mexican Chicken Omelet

Huevos Rancheros and Beef Sausage

Belgian Waffle and Sausage.
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