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The Avanzato Feast of Seven Fishes

We were fortunate enough to be invited to our cousins’ house for their Feast of Seven Fishes dinner for Christmas Eve, a traditional meal popular in Italy but translated into modern cuisine by our host and chef,  Diego Avanzato. The pictures speak for themselves but a link below each one leads to a step-by-step pictorial narration for each course. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed eating everything. Mangia and Happy Holidays!
Anchovies, jalapeno, sweet pepper, Italian honey and creme fraiche.
Details and more photos here.

“Italian sushi” – spicy tuna, basil and sesame inside a rigatoni and topped with panko and tamari.
Details and more photos here.

Calamari salad, citrus, capers and celery inside an eggshell.
Details and more photos here.

Deep-fried smelt, rosemary stem and lemon.
Details and more photos here.

“Beef or Scallop?” Scallop sous vide in beet juice, potato and olive oil.
Details and more photos here.

Bronzino, shrimp, rosemary and mushroom drizzled with truffle oil.
Details and more photos here.

Codfish croquette.
Details and more photos here.

Clam risotto in a clam shell on a bed of parsley.
Details and more photos here.

Dungeness crab sauce with spaghetti, backdrop of a crab shell.
Details and more photos here.

Stone crab claws.

The first of three 2000 Ferrari Perles for the evening.

Azelia’s champion icebox cake.
Recipe soon!

 The chef takes the cake.

7 Fishes Eighth Course: Clam Risotto in a Clamshell

The eight of many courses for the Seven Fishes Dinner.
Clam risotto in a clamshell over a bed of parsley and cheese.

Must begin with clams.
Unfortunately I wasn’t around for the making of the risotto or else I would be making it right now.

Arrange some greens in baskets.

As you can see,

this was not

my favorite!

Amazing clam juice flavor in a risotto with a fantastic presentation.
Hats off to the chef.
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