Ching-I’s Frutti de Mare Dinner

I might just be really getting into documenting food preparation and presentation. We were fortunate enough to be invited to partake of and prepare a meal to celebrate friendship and the coming year. Thank you to Ching-i for the very special evening. Only you can pull something like this off.
Please check out the preparation photos for each dish!
“Italian Sushi” – Rigatoni stuffed with uni, seeweed, panko and soy sauce.

Fresh shucked Kusshi oysters.

Grilled scallops, dashi, ponzu, sesame.

Grilled eggplant with ginger, mustard leaves, sprouts, anchovies and greens with onion sesame dressing.

Steamed snow crab.

Fresh sea urchin (uni) from Maine and California.

Documenter, sous chefs and chefs.

A tribute to Cheateau Montelena is here.

Style elements are here.

The evening’s spirits are here.
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