Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches

Did I tell you about ice cream sandwiches? I think I did here and here. But I need to tell you again, and more specifically about the wonderful thing that is Coolhaus that allows you to select your cookie and ice cream combinations on the spot. WHUT WHUT is right!

Potato chip and Skor bar cookie and Oreo coffee ice cream sandwich

According to the website, the name Coolhaus originated from three things: Bauhaus, Koolhaas, and the cool house that is an ice cream sandwich. How comforting is it that the indulgent snack has architectural roots?

What I like about Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches aside from the endless possible combinations is that they do not skimp out on the ice cream. The cookies are large and the combination with the ice cream is a creation that hardly fits in your hand.

So what you do is to pick from the cookie flavors and then from the ice cream flavors, all of which are displayed on the truck as magnetic pictures. After you make your selection, the server hands it to you in edible paper and foil.

Then you eat. Then you swoon. Then you die.

Coolhaus also has trucks in Los Angeles, Culver City CA, Miami, and Austin TX. In New York their schedules and special offers may be found by following @coolhausny on Twitter.


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